How to Use Instagram Web 2020

Instagram website is gradually becoming people’s preferred platform while it mirrors the mobile app. You can possibly browse your feed, post photos or stories and connect with friends via Instagram web.

Do you want to access your Instagram account from a desktop computer, laptop or even the web browser on your phone? Here’s a guide to using Instagram web.

How to Use Instagram Web 2020

On your PC, you can easily log in to your Instagram account through your most preferred browser. Similar to mobile app, the web has same feed but a broader interface.

Instagram web has a two-column design with a toolbar above. In the left column, you can scroll through your feed, click on carousel posts, like posts, add comments or watch videos.

Just like the app, you can browse anything on the website. With the Explore button, you can view what’s trending on Instagram. Tap the Heart icon to see all notifications.

The Stories section is located at the right. Tap on a profile to see that person’s story. The next story plays automatically or you can tap the right side of a story to move to the next one.

You can also view Instagram Live videos by clicking the live tag close to a story. You’ll actually enjoy watching Instagram Live via web because the comments show alongside the video rather than the bottom half on the mobile app.

To watch Instagram Live videos on a larger screen, mirror your screen to your TV. With the introduction of Instagram Direct on the web, you can possibly send messages to your contacts.

Just like WhatsApp Web, you can now experience the full messaging feature on your browser.

Besides sending messages, you can also form new groups, share pictures and send stickers from your device. You can’t send disappearing messages, GIFs or stickers.

After opening your Instagram account on your browser, tap the Direct Message button. A two-pane messaging interface will appear.

To send messages, tap a conversation or click the New Message button to start a new group or thread. A pop-up menu will appear, enter the name of the person or account whom you want to message.

To create a group, click multiple profiles, and then tap “Next” to begin a conversation. Also, you can tap the Direct Message icon from any post to to send it to a conversation just like on the mobile app.

While you can access your Instagram account, browse your feed and send message to your friends via website, you can also post stories through same medium.

Though there’s no feature to do that on the website, there’s a hack which can be used to post on Instagram website.

The hack works in such a way that website mimic the mobile app. It’s quite easy and simple. All you need do is change the User Agent of your browser to that of an Android or iPhone.

You can do this using major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. Ensure you choose the option which best mimics the mobile app.

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