“How We Unknowingly Bullied Our Friend To Death” – Man Narrates

A Nigerian man identified as @Heistactic on Twitter narrated how his friend died after being excessively bullied over his “big head.”

He wrote that he had a condition called “congenital hydrocephalus”. His friend laughed and joked about his “big head”. Unknowing to them, every time they bullied him he would hit his head on the wall in an attempt to make it smaller. He later died of brain damage.

Narrating the sad story, @Heistactic wrote;

“I had this friend back then with a very big ass head, i mean that head was effing ginormous!

“We would taunt him about it all the time, this boy would just laugh it off so we thought it was okay to do so. Unknowingly to us, he had something called “congenital hydrocephalus” which was responsible for his big head. This boy can’t wear a face cap and he rarely wear Tees because his head is just that big.

“One day, we just got the news that he died overnight. I was taken aback because we played the day before, so i was just surprised.?

“Apparently whenever we insult him like that, he would go home and hit his head on the wall thinking that would make his head smaller, whereas he was only causing more injury to himself.

“He died from severe brain damage caused by repeated head trauma

And you know whose fault it is?

“We, his friends!!

“We bullied him, taunted and laughed at him. Even though, we didn’t kill him literally, it was still our fault.

“We were responsible and we would probably have to live with it for the rest of our lives.”

He also advised people to be careful of how they taunt friends and strangers or “form savage” on social media.

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