Hushpuppi Opens Up On His Children and Women

Hushpuppi albeit his popularity on Instagram kept his family information private as people knew little about him except that he has an extravagant lifestyles.

He had also been romantically linked with some Nigerian celebrities in the years but he never publicly acknowledge the claims.

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As part of his ongoing trial, Hushpuppi has revealed that he has three children from three different women. Two of his kids live in London and the third lives in New York.

He told Pretrial Services that he has had an on-again/off-again relationship with the last child’s mother for the last five years.Pretrial Services Programs are procedures in the U.S. to prepare cases for trial in court.

The woman’s uncle lives in the Chicago area and he has offered to be a third-party custodian for Hushpuppi. He would allow him (Hushpuppi) to live with him.

However, there is no indication that Hushpuppi knows or has ever has met the man before. Therefore, Pretrial Services did not recommend the residential placement and the court agreed. Hushpuppi is still in detention.

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