I get aroused and lose control whenever I see underage girls – Nwachukwu

A 35-year-old man has been apprehended as a suspect in the raping of underage girls aged 7 and 8, after he lured them with a paltry sum of money.

According to Police reports, the father of three identified as, Clement Nwachukwu lured the two under aged girls with the sum of N50 ($0.14)  to an uncompleted building in Niger state where he raped them.

Clement Nwachukwu
Photo of Clement Nwachukwu

Upon apprehension by the police, Nwachukwu said:

Whenever I see underage girls in my area, I get aroused and lose control of myself. I don’t know what has come over me, that each time I see little girls in my area; I will be forced by what I don’t know to have sex with them, not minding that I am a father of three. That is too bad. I have been in this act for more than four years and it looks as if somebody has placed a curse on me. Nothing works for me, and sometimes I feel I have sinned against my destiny. It is unfortunate.

After defiling these innocent minors, I asked myself what if my wife catches me or hears about my evil deeds. I feel very bad about my act. I am finished and I know my wife will never forgive me. Right now, I am finished.

According to the police, the suspect will be charged to court right away.


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