I Go Dye Says President Buhari Will Be The Last Aged President To Rule Nigeria

Stand-up comedian, I Go Dye has emphatically stated that President Muhammadu Buhari would be the last aged President to rule the country.

The comedian made this known via a message he shared on social media app, Instagram. I Go Dye also made it a point to congratulate the APC Presidential candidate on his victory before making this headlining statement.

He went ahead to urge Buhari to make good use of his next four years to rebuild Nigeria and raise the next set of generation leaders.

He asked that the winner of the 2019 Presidential elections harness the gifts of Nigerian youths in a bid to advance his administration.

“Congratulations on your victory. Nature has given you another opportunity to rebuild Nigeria, a means to discover the next generation leaders. Please do find it a rare privilege to advance the course of youthful leadership by looking for Nigerian youths all over the world that can add their creativity to advance your administration….you will be the last old age President that will rule Nigeria, once again. Congratulations. Amb Francis Agoda.”, he wrote.

His statement seems to be a reflection of the hearts of many Nigerians who think it is high time political positions in the country are occupied by people of the younger generation.

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The 2019 elections have seen an increase in the number of youths running for political positions and also going ahead to win it.

35-yr-old SDP candidate, Tajudeen readily comes to mind heaving beat a former Commissioner of Ondo State to get a seat at the House of Reps.

Akin Alabi of Naira Bet and Shina Peller, CEO of Quilox are other youths who also went in for seats in the Legislative Chamber and emerge victorious.

Uche Jombo seems to be on the same page with I Go Dye also as can be seen in an earlier report by iDONSABI.com after she spoke against recycling old leaders. She then went ahead to call for a law against Governors running for a seat at the Senate.

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