“I Hope African Girls Experience Living Independently Before They Get Married” – Lady Writes

Twitter user identified as @DonCoyleAnnn writes that she hopes that more African girls get to live independently before getting married.

She wrote;

“I hope more African girls experience living independently before they get married. Paying rent for your apartment, having hired help to cater to your needs, walking naked in your apartment, washing dishes to 70s disco music, complaining about the price of food. Experiencing bliss.

“Staying out late till 4, crawling into your bed dead drunk knowing its your home & no 1 can say shit. Closing up your home for a week to go on a trip with the girls, having soirees in your home. Learning how to fix pipes, decorating your home & having sex on the kitchen counter.

“It comes with its own problems, bills and Lord knows it hurts paying rent when you’ve been a freeloader all your life but by grace it’s your home, all yours and no can tell you shit.

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