I Saw Indecency In Public Space And I Reacted – Belinda Effah Speaks On Criticizing Tekno’s Video

Nigerian actress, Belinda Effah clarified her criticism of Tekno’s video to Saturday Beats. During the shooting of Tekno’s video, some semi naked girls were seen dancing with him in a transparent truck along Lekki. Many criticized the sight including the actress who said it’s indecent especially for the kids.

Talking about this, she explained that she wasn’t trying to attack Tekno and was just voicing out her disappointment.

“Honestly, no one is perfect but we should strive to lead exemplary lives. I saw indecency in the public space and I reacted, not knowing who created the nuisance. I wasn’t attacking anyone but just voicing my disappointment. It’s the same attitude we carry into our everyday life; not caring about the other person,” she told Saturday Beats.

We just do things because we can. I don’t have anything against anyone. But if you could be a little considerate towards other people’s feelings; maybe Nigeria would get better. When we damn all consequences just to prove a point, then who is going to build the nation? I believe that the change we so desire starts with us. It starts with you,” she added.

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