“I Was Sexually Harassed By A Lady” – Nigerian Man Narrates

A Nigerian man identified as @iamkingmonye on Twitter narrates how he was sexually harassed by a lady in Anambra state.

He explained that he was sitting on a car in the hotel he lodged when they started making small conversations with him when one of them grabbed his balls.

He narrated on Twitter;

“I was s*xually harassed yesterday and most guys face same but because we’re the scum gender it’s not being addressed.

“Yesterday I was sitting on a car parked in a hotel I lodged with a friend, doing my regular twitter thing when two fine ladies approached me and asked if I smoke, I told them no and one was like “Oh okay, are you the guy I saw yesterday?” I told her yes because I saw them around the previous day.

“Next thing she said “You’re going to be sweet in the middle” so I told her “I thought girls are the one sweet in the middle.” Before I could finish she grabbed my balls and said “You’re really going to be sweet in the middle.”

”I had to fling her hand out, I was shocked. She asked me to invite her to my hotel room and give her my number. I told her later and left the place. The thing is still like a movie to me.It’s funny when I remember it cos I still don’t believe it could happen to me.”

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