I Will Take N10m Sharp Sharp from Dangote Instead of Staying With Him for One Hour – Joe Abah

The Country Director of DAI, Dr Joe Abaha has said if, given the option of spending one hour with Dangote or collecting N10m from, he would choose the latter.

Abah who is one of the most respected Nigerians on Twitter in a reaction to a tweet by user said spending an hour with Africa’s number one richest man will be to hear different business advice he had heard from him on many occasions.

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The user, @dilikonko wrote: “I’m listening to this very interesting topic on radio. Take N10m or spend 1hr with Aliko Dangote. And I’m listening to very comedic comments from Nigerians. When will people realize N10m isn’t “a lot of money” anymore? Smh.”

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Reacting to the post, Abah wrote: Dangote started his business with a loan of $3,000 then. What will he tell me in the one hour, except to work hard, be trustworthy, network extensively, be politically neutral and believe in God? I will take the N10 million sharp sharp.


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