“If Christ were to visit Dubai today, he would more likely stay in Hushpuppi‘s house than in Oyedepo’s” – Daddy Freeze

Nigerian media personality, Daddy Freeze fired back after a fan questioned why he never asked how Hushpuppi funds his lifestyle when he interviewed him.

“Your video quizzed #hushpuppi about his religion & belief but never asked what someone that drives Ferrari & other fleet of cars & a Versace furnished house does for a living while promoting ostentatious lifestyle, you should be asking how these lifestyle are funded. #Mompha,” the follower tweeted.

This was coming after popular Dubai based Nigerian, Mompha was arrested by EFCC for alleged fraud.

Freeze responded on Twitter, writing: “Dear concerned man, can you kindly DM me your BVN so I can run checks on you? If you come out clean I’ll answer your question about Hushpuppi. Awaiting your BVN sir.”

He also shared the screenshot of the question of the follower on his page and stated that he only attacks use of scriptures and doctrines.

He also wrote about how Christ saw “all the righteous people in the Jericho, yet decided to stay at the house of a sinful tax collector like Zacchaeus.”

He added;

Christ will likely stay in @hushpuppi ‘s house than in Oyedepo’s. Unless of course we have another set of scriptures apart from the gospel that we now abide by.?

“How can Nigerian politicians afford to throw around the money at their disposal? How can Nigerian Pastors be among the richest in the world and be preaching to the poorest people in the world?

“Ask me no questions; I’ll tell you no lies.”

Daddy Freeze

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