“If You Can Dye Your Hair Then I Can Bleach My Skin” – Etinosa Speaks On Bleaching Her Skin

Nigerian actress, Etinosa has questioned why many people like to hide the fact that they are bleaching.

She also pointed out that people like to shame people who bleach and asked people who bleach to “own it” and stop being shamed.

According to her, if it’s accepted to dye your hair, draw tattoos and have piercings then there’s nothing wrong with bleaching her skin.

In a video she shared on Instagram, she said;

Why do we hide bleaching? Why do we lie that we don’t use to bleach? Why do we mock those who bleach? Out of shame Nigerian girls who bleach now say, I am not bleaching, I am toning , no I am not bleaching, I’m just doing skin glow. Own your bleaching. If you can dye your hair, pierce your body, draw tatoos, then I can bleach.”

She added that she must bleach this 2020 and currently looking for brands interested in doing business with her.

Own it sis! It is not a crime to bleach or do cosmetic surgery so why do we ladies always shy away from the truth? I’ve said my own. Iam open to business offers from cosmetics brands ?
“Top brands only pls,” 
she wrote.

Watch Full Video Below:

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