IGP Adamu Issues Stern Warning to Erring Police Officers

The Inspector General of Police, IGP Mohammed Adamu has warned police officers to refrain from the misuse of power on innocent civilians across Nigeria.

This stern warning from the IGP is believed to be coming on the back of incessant police shootings and killings across the nation in recent weeks.

For a few weeks now, the Nigerian Police Force has been at the forefront of discussions amongst Nigerians on the street and on social media as a result of killings by police officers of several individuals for allegedly committing various crimes.

Most notably, the killing of Kolade Johnson in Lagos by officers of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS) and most recently the killing of a lady identified as Jessy as well as shooting her boyfriend in Ajegunle, have caused uproar and elicited reactions from Nigerians about the competency of the police force.

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IGP Adamu paid a condolence visit to the victims of both shootings. He warned that any police officer caught in the act of abusing power will be dismissed and charged accordingly.

IGP Adamu disclosed this in his official visit to Lagos State on Monday.

IGP Adamu revealed his sadness over the state of affairs within the police force. He revealed that police would incorporate modern technology to curb the increasing trend of misuse of firearms.

IGP Adamu went further to point that not only the arrested police officers would face the consequence of the law, but also the supervisors in charge of such officers, including the Area Commander, Divisional Police Officer or Sectional Head, would all be sanctioned for not supervising the activities of officers working within their jurisdiction.

IGP Adamu issued a sound warning to other officers to avoid the misuse of their firearms if they want to retain their jobs, if not they will be dismissed for the offence.

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