IK Ogbonna’s Wife Scolds Those Saying They Should Get Back Together

Sonia Lareniaa, IK Ogbonna’s ex wife and mother of their son scolded people saying they should get back together.

She explained that people need to stop pushing them and wish them peace of mind instead.

In a Q and A session on her Instagram page, a follower wrote, ‘I really love your family, if really there’s something going wrong, get back together.”

In reply, Sonia said, ” guys you really need to stop pushing people, ‘back together’ ???, “how about we wish one another happiness and peace of mind instead?”

Sonai Lareniaa announced their separation earlier this year and many lovers of the family want them back together.

Although, IK Ogbonna never commented on their separation, it is clear that both have parted ways.

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