I’m now officially married to my baby daddy – Gifty Powers

Ex-BBNaija housemate, Gifty Powers has revealed that she is now officially married to her baby daddy.

Gifty Powers was caught in the middle of a messy paternity claim last year when popular Nigerian singer, Mr 2Kay alleged paternity of Gifty Power’s daughter, Alisha.

Image result for bb naija gifty powers mr 2kay
Mr 2Kay carrying the disputed child, Gifty Powers

The singer had come out to claim that he had DNA proof that he is the father of the child, a claim Gifty Powers wasted no time in denying. She also blasted the singer for attempting a cheap publicity stunt with her daughter.

Image result for bb naija gifty powers mr 2kay
Gifty Powers reacts to Mr 2Kays paternity claim

Trailing that incident, the former BBNaija housemate has continued to keep the identity of her baby daddy a seceret.

However, in a recent interview she revealed that she and her baby daddy are now officially married.

In her words:

Well, a father is one who takes full responsibility of his child, who adores his child, who makes sure that an “ant” never reaches his child’s shoe lace.

So, to answer your question, I’m keeping the identity of my daughter’s father (my husband) because we always protect those we truly love.

Gifty also revealed that her recent marriage to her baby daddy is her second marriage.

“This is my second marriage and yes, it is official and ordained by God. Well, my first marriage was never official (which I thank God actually), she said.

Concerning Mr 2kay’s earlier paternity claim, she said:

The truth is, everyone is trying to make a name just by playing unnecessary stunts available on ground.


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