“I’m Scared” – Black Man Screams As Numerous Cops Draw Guns On Him And His 90-Year-Old Grandmother (Video)

A footage has surfaced online showing a young black man crying as police officers pointed guns at him for his alleged failure to heed a stop sign.

The incident happened on May 16 in Texas and the footage shows the young man, Tye Anders get out of his car after pulling into his driveway. He immediately puts his hands up and started asking the police why they stopped him.

They told him he ran a stop sign and started shouting for him to put his hands up though his hands were up already.

Neighbors and loved ones who were present during the incident called for 21-year-old Tye Anders to put his hands down and screamed at the officers who already had their firearms ready.

He’s scared. Y’all have guns on him. He’s black,” one woman called out to the officers. “Do y’all not see how many black people are getting shot?”

Police wanted Anders to walk toward them while they had their guns drawn, but Anders refused.

I’m scared,” he shrieked.

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Tye even dropped to his knees and laid on his stomach with his hands out yet the cops kept screaming orders at him, making him panic and cry in fear.

His 90-year-old grandmother then comes out to  stand by her wailing grandson with a walking stick in her left hand.

As she moves close to her grandson, officers are seen moving in on him too with their guns drawn. At this point, there is a bit of commotion as the elderly woman falls.

Tye was later arrested for evading arrest, however, the video evidence has sparked controversy in Midland and officials held a town hall meeting on Thursday, May 28, to address it.

Watch the video below.

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