Insecurity: Do More on Intelligence in Your Second Term, APC Chieftain Advises Buhari

  • Osifo urges Buhari to apply intelligence in tackling insecurity.
  • Says insecurity might have political undertone.

A chieftain of ruling All Progress Congress (APC) in Edo state, Stanley Osifo, has called on president Muhammadu Buhari to do more in the area of intelligence in his second term to subdue the spate of insecurity that has been ravaging some states. of the federation.

In a phone interview with The Nation on Saturday, Osifo pointed that in the view of myriad of security challenges inherited by Buhari administration in 2015, the president has done his best and deserves commendations from Nigerians.

While noting that the issue of security is a collective effort of every Nigerian to join hands with government to ensure a safe society, Osifo warned that politicization of security issue in Nigeria is one major problem that must be condemned by all Nigerians to let the nation off hooks of various degree of crimes that bedeviled the nation.

Speaking on the reports that were issued by the military, the APC stalwart said one may not be far from truth that security challenge in Nigeria has a political undertone.

On the case of unemployment and poverty which many adjudged as factors responsible for proliferation of terrorist groups in the country, he opined that those factors should not be yardsticks to join band wagon and unleash mayhem on society.

He theerefore urged Nigerian youths on collaborative efforts with government to harness opportunities waiting for them in an enabling environment which Buhari-led administration has been doing its best to provide.

He also tasked the president to look beyond party line for his cabinet members in second term and get the right persons for the right positions who will reflect the uprightness he is known for across the globe.

He also pointed that there ahve always been security challenges in the country and most time politics usually comes in to create division among Nigerians along ethnic and religious considerations.

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