Intriguing: see why a Lady refused to date a guy

– A lady refused to date a guy because his social media handle is not verified, which shows he is not an influencer

A lot of things are happening and one of it is what you are about to read.

Well, a Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to share the reason a lady gave as she refused to date him.

The Nigerian man identified as @MajorTswift shared the conversation he had with a lady identified as Sharon on WhatsApp.

According to the screenshot of their chat, Sharon refused to date him because his Twitter handle is not verified.


Trust Twitter users, they took to the platform to blast the lady and retweeted the post.

Below are some of the tweets.

@Legendofpablo_: This one mad me o!My guy no worry this one go still jam Agbako shebi she’s looking for INFLUENZA ni?

@Valenvalega: Lucky you. One girl once asked me for my Cgpa . She said she only date 1st class material

@mrmanhere_: I was feeling your energy till you talked about your parents giving people deals. you deserve the treatment she’s giving you, in other words, you attract what you

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