Invictus Obi Listed By Forbes Arrested By FBI Over $12m Fraud

A popular Nigerian man, Invictus Obi known by the real name, Obinwanne Okeke has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on account of a $12 million fraud.

The arrest of Okeke, a celebrated serial entrepreneur listed on Forbes U-30 has garnered reactions and counter-reactions from Nigerians across social media.

Okeke, who was listed among Forbes 100 Most Influential Young Africans 2018, was arrested by the FBI over $12m fraud after a thorough investigation into his activities exposed some fraudulent transactions.

Since the announcement of the arrest, social media platforms have been splattered with mixed reactions. While some immediately condemned the fraudulent act of Invictus Obi with some sections of social media users quick to cite it as an example of a case where some Nigerians paint the rest Nigerians black due to their fraudulent acts, others have called on Nigerian security agencies to take down notes from the FBI so as to be able to nail fraudsters effectively too.

Invictus Obi was alongside three others nominated for the most prestigious award for African businessmen/entrepreneurs, the All African Business Leaders Award for Young Business Leader (West Africa).

The Nigerian is well known for his investments in real estate development, construction and energy. Invictus Group, his company has its operations spread across three African countries in Nigeria, Zambia and South Africa.

In a swift reaction to the news, the head of the Presidency Office of Digital Engagement, Tolu Ogunlesi sent a note of warning to aspiring fraudsters asking them to have a change of heart as they would get caught by the FBI if the hands of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) do not catch up with them first.

His tweet read: “If you’re a practicing or aspiring Yahoo Boy, please read this affidavit well. If EFCC doesn’t get you, FBI will. They’ve both ramped up their clampdown on computer and wire fraud.”

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