Is There Any Law That Stops A Woman From Marrying More Than One Husband?

Do you know any law restricting a Woman from marrying more than one Husbands?

A Nigerian woman has gained popularity on Twitter following her shocking and hilarious post. A tweeter identified as @Tokyspen has gotten more than she had bargained for after affirming that women can marry four husbands if a man can marry four wives.

Her post has generated a lot of reactions on Twitter, nairaland and all other social media platforms. Many people who made a comment on the post blasted the woman for promoting polyandry while many other feminists see nothing bad in the post.

See screenshot of her post below:

Topsyken post saying a woman can marry more than one husbands.

Reasonably, judging from the scope of gender equality which affirms that one gender is not greater than another, hence, all gender enjoys the equal right. However, many people in society still frankly shun at a woman engaging in adultery but the world turns a blind eye and deaf ear to man indulging in adultery.

Does it mean that the gender equality war that many feminists have fought in time past is just a mere fluke? why can’t a woman enjoy equal right like a man?. These and many more were the questions on the lips of many Nigerian women who can’t bare the hypocrite of gender equality sermon.

It has been scientifically proven that man is sexually unbalanced, hence a man is naturally promiscuous. However, if everyman holds unto this, that means we have successfully been able to justify the wrong act of men.

The stereotype of the society is that it is the nature of man to cheat or marry more than one wife but a woman is always put to condemnation for having more than one husband.

Just out of curiosity, is there any law, whether written or unwritten that stops a woman from marrying more than one husbands? Please if you know of any law that states that man can marry more than one wives but a woman must not marry more than one husbands, feel free to share in the comment section below.

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