Is Your Instagram Down? Here’s 5 things to Do

Instagram has been down countless number of times. Users have taken to other social media platforms to express their displeasure at the situation. Often times people go on twitter to vent about the glitch.

Users outline their experiences using Twitter hashtag #InstagramDown. While the app might crash upon opening by some people, for others, it’ll be working until they try clicking their profile image. Some people reportedly deleted and re-installed the app but all to no avail.

If Downdetector, a popular service interruption tracking site shows numerous reports of instagram being down within a short period of time, then it’s definitely down. If the app isn’t working, the best option is to access Instagram through the website. While some users can learn a new skill, see a movie or connect with loved ones, others initiate means to boost their brand.

Many people depend on social networking tools for their businesses. What alternative means can they adopt when instagram is down? What are the things you can do while the socials are down?

Here are 5 things to do when instagram acts up.

Create a YouTube channel

Everyone’s vlogging these days. Why not join the array of people doing so. Vlogging enables a more interactive experience and possibility for you to connect with your audience.

According to statistics, over 70,000 videos are viewed in 1 second on YouTube. Don’t sleep on this goldmine. Create a content strategy stating the kind of content you want to create for your audience.

Ensure you’re consistent with your vlogs, this convinces your fans that you’re reliable. Unlike other means of connection, vlogging provides a deeper connection with the audience.

Are you out of vlogging ideas for your business? Why not create Day-in-the-life video, Follow-me-around video, how-to video, broadcast a live event, behind the scene vlog etc. Create your YouTube channel and see your audience grow massively irrespective of the instagram outage.

Emails and newsletters

Email marking has been proven to have the highest conversion rate. You are more likely to earn income through this online marketing than through other sources. Build a relevant mailing list. Write convincing and reputable mails. Update your subscribers with the latest announcements, news and events.

Promote high quality and relevant products. Make use of lead generation strategies such as free download, organizing a giveaway etc. Never forget, each person sends and receives more than 200 emails per day so make your emails and newsletters worth the read.


Facebook might not be working but you can still connect with your loved ones through physical meetings. Online is great but in person is much better. Dress up, go out and network. Attend events and social gatherings. Ensure you build a community both offline and online.

Use other social networks

Instagram might be down but other social networks still works. Use this period to drive traffic to your YouTube channel, website and events. Make sure you build networks and connections on other platforms. Maximize this time by scheduling your content and posts.

If instagram is the only network you use now is the time to diversify. Unlike Facebook and instagram, Twitter enables you connect with people directly and start a conversation with anyone. Links to your site can also be posted on the platform. Consider the networks and choose the one fit for your business.

Create your own website or e-commerce

The importance of a website cannot be overemphasized. You’re able to reach more people via your website. Your website plays an immense role in your email marketing. If you are using email marketing to connect with and engage your customers, then you need somewhere to send them to convert.

Your website is the right place to guide your email subscribers to when they want them to learn more about a product or even make a purchase. Websites do have outages but this can be controlled by you. While you’re anticipating that instagram will be restored soon, get busy improving your brand business. Don’t forget to socialise too.

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