It Will Be A Great Disservice Administration of Criminal Justice Remains ‘Business As Usual’ – Fisayo Soyombo

  • Calls for government action on the agencies investigated.
  • Calls on citizens to hold the government accountable.

Investigative journalist, Fisayo Soyombo has expressed appreciation to all those who supported him when there was an alleged plan to arrest him after unraveling the corruption in the Nigeria Police Force and Nigerian Correctional Service (NSC)

He took to his Twitter page to express his appreciation adding that he has been fine since and will soon return to his normal life but he is cautious of the security agencies.

Recall that Soyombo’s articles accompanied by some video evidence had led to a lot of reactions, which revealed the rot in the system.

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He, therefore, said that it will be good if all the energy dissipated into foiling the planned but discarded arrest could now go into demanding government action on my investigation.

He pointed that despite the exposure, the government agencies as still doing their usual businesses. So, it is hight time to call for government action and the citizens needs to hold them accountable.

See the series of his tweets below.

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