It Will Take Complete Divine Revival for Nigeria to Move to The Next Level – Olukoya

  • Says modern churches have turned to entertainment centres.
  • Says spiritual laziness responsible for the current challenges Nigeria is facing.

The General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles (MFM,)Dr. Daniel Olukoya has said Nigeria needs a complete divine revival to move to the next level.

The soft-spoken preacher who identified spiritual laziness on the part of some church leaders as the bane of multi-dimensional crises in Nigeria said it is an obvious situation.

He stated this while speaking on a topic titled: Re-arranged for revival’ to mark the 30th anniversary of the church at the Prayer City on Saturday.

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“No man needs a microscope to discern that the world has gone upside down. Many things have gone wrong and it will take a complete divine revival for Nigeria to move to the next level.”

He also said the best revival that will move the nation to the next level must begin with the individual Christian.

He also stressed that failure to do that will only leave Christendom at the mercy of Satan who is already positioning its demonic agents to further neutralise the rot in the Church.

“We need to move to the next level of personal revival. It has to start with us to arrest the growing spiritual laziness where church leaders have constantly watered down the gospel of holiness and righteousness and are now highlighting the gospel of prosperity to attract members,” Olukoya stated.

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He also lamented that modern-day churches have become entertainment freaks where comedians are paid handsomely to entertain worshippers as altars are used to raised funds for all manner of theatrics.

“Many religious leaders with immense influence now lack discipline, soul-lifting sermons, holiness that can liberate souls, are deploying all manner of gimmicks to attract people to their churches”.

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