Italy’s Lockdown Order Effective As Infection And Death Rate Drop

The death and infection rate from COVID-19 in Italy seems to be working due to the lockdown order which has been extended.

According to reports, the European country’s rate of coronavirus deaths and infections drop closely by 50 percent. The recent data revealed that Wednesday’s death toll was 578 deaths, which brings the total to 21,645 – compared to 602 on Tuesday.

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According to the Civil Protection Agency, the number of confirmed cases on Wednesday was 2,667, which is a sharp decline from daily increases of more than 6,000, which the country endured late last month, bringing the total cases of to 165,155.

Italy was once the epicenter before US took over that and the number of deaths as well. The development has made authorities to be thinking of reopening parts of the economy.

Some shoppers were back on the streets in Austria and Italy as Europe takes its first cautious steps out of the coronavirus lockdown.

Italy opened some stores which include bookshops and stationery shops in a trial to see how social distancing measures can work after the lockdown, which otherwise remains in force.

However, some regions have chosen not to take full advantage. Bookshops will not open for another week in Rome and will stay closed altogether in Lombardy which is the epicentre in the country.

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Spain had earlier in the week ordered non-essential workers to resume duty. Austria followed the same path with shoppers  seen queuing outside hardware stores wearing compulsory masks as small shops re-opened.

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