‘It’s A Taboo For Igbo Women To Fart In The Presence Of Their Husbands’ – Nigerian Lady Says (Video)

An Igbo woman shared a video online claiming that it is a taboo in Igbo culture for a woman to fart in front of her husband. According to her, it is disrespectful and a woman should immediately apologize if she makes that ‘mistake’.

She also narrated a story of a wife who farted in front of her husband and refused to apologize after he demanded for an apology.

Emphasizing on her claims, she said in the video;

“I am an Igbo woman and where I come from, it is a sacrament for a woman to fart in the presence or to the hearing of her husband.”

However she claims it’s different if it’s vice versa;  ‘if your husband farts in your presence, you must stand still and praise him“, she said.

Watch Full Video:

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