It’s time to have a major gay character in Disney – US Congressman

A United States Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney has urged Disney to feature a major gay character in its cartoon stories.

Maloney’s recent call for Disney Junior to feature a gay character came in reaction to speculations that the soon to be released Frozen 2 by Disney Junior will likely feature the popular character, Elsa as a gay character with a girlfriend.

Image result for gay Sean Patrick Maloney
U.S. Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, his partner, Randy Florke and their adopted children

Maloney on his part is openly gay and thinks the idea of a gay cartoon character should fly because according to him, most Disney Junior characters and themes reflect real life stories of the LGBT community.

This recent call by Congressman, Sean Patrick Maloney has sparked a lot of outrage across the united states and the international community at large.

Disney Junior is watched in most countries of the world, including countries that have placed strict ban on homosexual activities.


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