Ivorian Singer, DJ Arafat Announced Dead

Ivorian DJ and singer, DJ Arafat has been reported dead. The 33-year-old died after a road accident in Abidjan,  as reported by the state broadcaster, RTI.

“Death of artist DJ Arafat, today at 8 am as a result of a road accident overnight,” RTI announced on Twitter.

Based on pictures circulating online, the DJ had an accident while driving a motorbike and reportedly smashed into a car. He was later rushed to the hospital where he lost his life.

The Singer makes music of the Coupé-Décalé genre.

In reaction to his death, Paola Audrey tweeted;

“Where do you start on DJ Arafat’s impact on ivorian music and African pop culture? From the sound, to the dance steps, to the use of social media, to how he deeply connected with the masses… But first of all, is he really dead? I’m in denial. I mean.”

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