Jamaican man wears mask to claim his lottery cheque! [PHOTO]

This is a picture story of a Jamaican man who won $156m in a lotto game and turns up in a face mask to claim his winning. The unidentified man showed up for his cheque in a scream mask to protect his identity.

From the pictures below, it is obvious that the Jamaican isn’t taking any chance at his safety after winning such a huge amount of money.

Considering the gloved hands, it is doubtful if the lottery winner is truly a male.

Lottery winners in the Caribbean country often put on a disguise when collecting their cheques due to high crime and the fear of being targeted.

The twitter user, Farell Golf, who shared the photo titled it:

“Jamaican Super Lotto winner…. Ain’t taking no friggin chances! Lol”

See the tweet as shared below:

See reactions below…

…end of story!


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