Jaywon Accuses Zlatan Of Copying His ‘This Year’ Song Concept

Nigerian singer, Jaywon blasted Zlatan for copying his, ‘This Year’ song concept.

The singer sang his song, “This Year (Odun yii)” in 2012 while Zlatan recently released his own with the same title. Jaywon accused Zlatan of copying some of his lyrics and the concept of his video.

Asan wa sire, Asan wa sayo. Asan wa si gbogbo nkan t’eyan fin layo. Tell the copycats original will always be original and fakes go be fake.” Jaywon wrote on Instagram.

Zlatan responded when people brought it to his attention, “He can’t be talking to me,” he said, “If na me na my page he go write the comment”.

Jaywon blasted the “zanku” crooner, inferring he his a dumb child.

The same lines, video concept Lool not even talking about the title but no, dis dumb children on dis platform only follow trends but una papa. If you see me for road make you come talk to me. No be only slap you go chop you go chop belleful

If e pain you, I Dey my house make you come beat me but I don talk Wetin I talk. Who no know before don know and who no wan gree know OYO.”

Zlatan Jaywon Zlatan Jaywon Is this a sign of another celebrity beef?

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