Jenifa’s Diary Funny Nigerian TV Series

Jenifa’s diary covers it all, especially when it comes to comedy, education, and fun. It has appeared to be one of the very few comedy dramas in Nigeria that gets everyone cracking with each episode. This series revolves around a story of an unsophisticated lady who has a funny character and a “fake” English accent.

Jenifa’s Diary Story line

The story line narrates the life of a village lady who, without regard to danger, took a leap for a better future in the city. For her, a proper education would make her look and act more sophisticated; but unfortunately, she was not halfway prepared for the great task. Unannounced and unprepared for the challenges in the big city, Toyosi an old friend of hers is unconsciously forced to harbor her in. Well, Jenifa loses interest in education after a while and decides to focus more on her hair styling career.

Jenifa’s Diary Cast

Funke Akindele as Jenifa, Folarin “Falz” Falana as Segun, Lolo as Adaku, Juliana Olayode as Toyosi, Lots Chukwu as Kiki, Paschaline Alex Okoli as Cordelia and Aderounmu Adejumoke as Esther.

Where to watch Jenifa’s Diary

To have unlimited access to Jenifa’s diary series, download the SCENE ONE TV app.


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