Jesus Should Stop Sending People To Beg Me – Gay Rights Activist, Bisi Alimi

Nigeria is filled with homophobic people, and Bisi Alimi, a Nigerian gay rights activist is not excluded from the dislike of Nigerians who consider homosexuality a sin.

On a screenshot shared on his Instagram. It showed his conversation with another Instagram user @neloiyke. She told him that Jesus loves him and he could be saved.

The gay rights activist gave a sarcastic and blasphemous response which has got a lot of reactions on social media.

He likened Jesus to an ex lover and said He should talk to him himself, instead of sending spokespeople.

Read His Post Below:

“Ok Here’s the thing; I really don’t know what that cheating Jesus is telling you. I am not the one going loving and shagging every, John, James, Peter, Mathew, Mark and those other 12 dudes.

“I mean, I was faithfully dating him until I caught him and he started sending weirdos like you to come and tell me how much he loves me. He can not just keep going around shagging everyone in the name of I love you, and I want to die for you and expect me to stick around for him.

“Tell him as you’re his spokesperson that he either start being faithful and stick to me or I am ready to go into an open relationship with him.

“He can’t keep loving everyone and then send jobless people like you to tell me he loves me, what kind of bullshit is that? 

“Good thing is I’m sure he is reading and he can talk to me himself if he is man enough”

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