Jigawa House of Assembly impeaches Speaker Isah Idris

– The Jigawa House of Assembly have impeached the Speaker, Isah Idris Today

– Isah Idris was replaced by a new speaker, Idris Garba Kareka, who was also impeached back in 2017

According to a new report, the Jigawa House of Assembly have made a new change in terms of appointing a new speaker of the house.

The report confirmed that the now former Speaker of the House Isah Idris was impeached today during an emergency seating with 20 of the 30 lawmakers being present.

Following the impeachment, the report stated that the House of Assembly of unanimously voted in Idris Garba Kareka as the new Speaker of the House.

Going by past record, the new Speaker, Idris Garba Kareka had been a speaker of the House but he was impeached in 2017 in a similar process.

According to the report, the impeachment of the Isah Idris comes a few days after the mace, which is the symbol of authority of House, was destroyed by the lawmakers who got into a fight over leadership.

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During the fight on Tuesday, the House was thrown into a rowdy session after a motion was moved on the amendment of the standing rule of the state assembly.

The report made it known that a House member representing Yankwashi constituency, Alkasim Karkarna, hit the mace which resulted in its destruction.

The reports made it known also that apart from Isah Idris, two other key members of the Jigawa House of Assembly were also impeached amd they were Majority leader, Sank Isiyaku as well as Chief Whip, Aminu Sule Sankara.

Following this new changes in the Keyholders in the Jigawa Assembly, it could bring back peace to the House after the Tuesday fight.

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