Kanye West Wants Jay-Z to Be His Running Mate for President

On Sunday (July 19), Kanye West revealed his top choice for a running mate for his 2020 presidential campaign is Jay Z while talking to Kris Kaylin.

You know who my favorite candidate is for my running mate is?,” Kanye questioned, before asking the radio show host to guess. ”

I’ma present it as a riddle to you. When we were trying to figure out my website because everybody kept stealing my website ’cause now I’m in the dirty game of politics, right? So, they stealin’ every option, right? So, what I did is put the initials of this city down, and then I put Kanye 2020. Who would that be?

Kaylin answered the “Ultralight Beam” rapper’s question naming the Brooklyn MC as ’Ye’s top contender. “Uh, South Carolina? Oh! Uh, Shawn Carter! Jay-Z,” Kris Kaylin replied.

Kanye, 43 hosted his first campaign rally in South Carolina yesterday on Sunday. However, some things he said during the campaign has made him the target of heavy criticism.

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