Kate Henshaw Remorseful As She Shares Her Encounter With A Good Samaritan

Actress, Kate Henshaw confesses she feels terrible after hitting someone’s car by mistake.

They were on the road when the lady nicely gave her a room to pass. However when she tried to pass through, she ended up scrapping her car because there wasn’t enough space. She couldn’t apologize because the woman drove off.

True confession:

“A lady gave me room on the road this afternoon by Lekki one r/about. There wasn’t enough room to manoeuvre and I ended up scrapping her car… she was a bit upset but she just drove off. I feel terrible. Wish I could apologise properly and make amends..??” she wrote.

She also revealed the lady knows her and “she said;” Kate Henshaw you hit my car” and drove off and my heart just dipped.???”

“She recognized me for sure that’s why I feel terrible that she did a good deed and got that in return.

“I pray I see her again or she comes up to me anywhere…?? now I wish I had driven behind her.” The actress added.

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