Kate Henshaw Set To Release New Movie – 4th Republic

Kate Henshaw via her Instagram handle @k8henshaw has announced her soon to be released movie titled ‘4th Republic the Movie’. The movie is directed by Ishaya Bako and would soon grace our screens according to the actress.

The movie according to the fitness enthusiast talks about governance and democracy.


In the synopsis, a strong woman (Mabel) – played by Kate – seeks to attain the seat of Government in Nigeria to foster justice and democracy.

However, as expected Mabel will be met with a lot of challenges and hurdles she would have to overcome.

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In the same vein a political movie titled, ‘If I am President’ was released last year.

The movie features Joke Silva, Bimbo Manuel, Rekiya Atta, Ivie Okujaye, Bryan Okwara and Rahama Sadau. The movie is targeted towards the general elections coming up next month.

The political drama is to be translated in four languages: Hausa, Yoruba, Pidgin and Igbo and has been endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sport.

It started screening from November 2018 and has gone on to screen in eighteen NYSC Orientation Camps and several universities across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

According to the film producer, Obasi, the movie tells the story of Zinach Ohams, Presidential Candidate of the Nigerian Rebirth Party, a new party made up of young idealists.

The movie aims at inspiring patriotism and stimulate public consciousness with regards to corruption and its effect on governance.

Kate Henshaw was born in Calabar, Cross River Nigeria in the year 1971 with her being the oldest of four children.
The actress and fitness enthusiast started her career in the Entertainment industry in the early nineties specifically 1993. Since then, she has gone on to become a dominant force in Nollywood.

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