#KeepFisayoSafe Trends Over Undercover Report on Corruption in Nigeria’s Criminal And Justice System

  • Activists, journalists commends Fisayo Soyombo for job well done.
  • He alleged that there are attempts to get him arrested.

Twitter has been buzzing over, Fisayo Soyombo an award-winning investigative reporter,

Some Nigerians have been on social media calling on the Federal Government to ensure the safety of Fisayo with the trend #KeepFisayoSafe.

Fisayo had published two out of his three-part investigative report on corruption in Nigeria’s criminal and justice system, and there have been reported attempts to get him arrested.

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The call came on Tuesday after the mediasphere was awash with reports stating that the top hierarchy of the Nigeria Correctional Services (NCS) had launched a manhunt for him. He is an editor and contributor to Al-Jazeera.

Soyombo was scheduled to speak at a workshop on fake news organised by Goethe Institute. But he pulled out after alleging he has been hinted that he Nigerian authorities’ plan to arrest him.

How he was able to discover the wrath

The journalist adopted a pseudonym Ojo Olajumoke, by spending two weeks in detention, five days in a police cell and eight as an inmate in Ikoyi Prison, to track corruption in Nigeria’s criminal justice system.

In the first of this three-part series entitled: “UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION (I): Bribery, bail for sale… Lagos police station where innocent civilians are held and criminals are recycled” and published in The Cable and The ICIR on Monday, October 14, Soyombo uncovers how the police pervert the course of justice in their quest for ill-gotten money.

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In the second of the three-part series entitled: “UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION (II): Drug abuse, sodomy, bribery, pimping… The cash-and-carry operations of Ikoyi Prisons“, published also in some online medium, Soyombo exposed “how the courts short-change the law, and the prisons are themselves a cesspool of the exact reasons for which they hold inmates.”

Amnesty International had expressed concern about threats to the life of Fisayo.

Below are tweets by Nigerians.

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