Kemi Olunloyo Says Linda Ikeji Is Not The Loudest Voice On Social Media

Controversial Investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has stated that Linda Ikeji isn’t the loudest voice on social media. She insists that she deserves the throne instead.

This response is following the reactions to a report that Linda Ikeja had deleted a rape post from her blog sometime this week. earlier reported that Linda Ikeji had taken down a post she made about two men who drugged and raped a girl. According to the report, the accused rapists were arrested but later released via the influence of the father of one of the rapists, the owner of De Lancaster hotel.

It was alleged by several quarters that Linda Ikeji had been paid off, hence, the reason she took down the post. The volume of reactions the news attracted has staked Linda’s name as indeed the loudest voice on social media, a title bestowed on her by her colleagues and fellow journalists. However, Madam KOO doesn’t quite agree with that claim.

Kemi Olunloyo also referred to as Madam KOO insists that Linda Ikeji isn’t the loudest voice on social media and thinks she’s rather the lousiest.

Madam KOO maintained that Linda has no Facebook nor Twitter pages, she added that she didn’t possess the largest platform either. She stressed that the celebrity blogger only has a blog and an Instagram account where she flaunts her fashion style.

“Correction: Linda Ikeji is not the loudest voice on social media. She does not have the largest platform either. No Twitter or facebook fanpages, just a blog and Instagram for her fashions. She’s the lousiest voice. I’m the loudest voice and will not take down any story for money KOO”, she wrote. also earlier reported that Kemi Olunloyo has put up her HNN Africa platform which boasts about 50.6k followers on Instagram for sale after accusing people of attacking her.

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