Kim Oprah Accuses Tacha Of Screaming At Her And Making A Video Of Her In Public (Videos)

During last night’s BBNaija Reunion show, Kim Oprah narrated how after one of the episode, Tacha had come at her, screaming at her and recording her on phone.

Tacha and Kim once had a fight during the reunion show where Kim said Tacha was arrogant and Tacha argued that she was confident and anyone who had a problem with her was insecure.

Kim stated that after that day’s fight, she was trying to get down from Omashola’s car when Tacha slowed down, started recording and bragging about how she owns a car and Kim doesn’t.

However, Tacha feigned ignorance saying she doesn’t know what Kim was talking about. Kim then called on her witnesses, Esther and Omashola.

Esther gave her own account of what she saw that day, saying herself, Omashola and Kim Oprah got down from their car, and she (Esther) heard Kim shout “f*ck you.”

She then asked Kim what happened, and Kim said Tacha was recording as her car passed.

Esther says she doesn’t know for sure if Tacha was recording, but her phone’s flashlight was on and it was pointed at them. Tacha was shouting, “This is what my confidence got me. Where is your car?

Omashola also gave his own account saying Tacha had called Kim while driving past them, and Kim had said, Hi, not knowing what was coming.

Then Tacha started asking Kim Oprah where her car is, talking about Kim jumping from car to car while recording her.

Tacha argued again that she doesn’t remember anything, as she went straight to her room.

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