Kofi Kingston To Challenge Daniel Bryan World Heavy Weight Title At WWE Fast Lane

Shane Mcmahon, SmackDown Live Commissioner has announced that Daniel Bryan will be defending his WWE title against Kofi Kingston – who he faced at the Elimination chamber – in the WWE Fast Lane come March 10 to be hosted in Cleveland

Recall that Daniel Bryan defended his WWE title in a 6-man elimination chamber at the Toyota Centre in Houston with Kofi Kingston being the last man standing.

Although Bryan won the match, it earned Kingston a lot of applauds and raves considering the fact that he wasn’t supposed to participate in the elimination chamber in the first place.

Kingston has garnered much praise from several fans and it increasingly looks like a large section of the fans want him to defeat Bryan to claim the WWE world heavyweight title.

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Kingston has been on the WWE roster for 11 years now dating as far back as 2007 and the elimination chamber was his closest shot to winning a world title.

He is a four time Intercontinental Champion, eight-time tag team champion (four Raw, three smackdown, one world title) and three-time US Champion but has failed to win the WWE World Heavyweight title. Indeed, his fight with Bryan was his closest shot at getting the world title.

That said, he got a shot at the 2010 elimination chamber but was disqualified third.

Kofi Kingston definitely deserves a shot at the titles having paid his dues and with the spectacular performance he put up against the defending Champion, Bryan in the Elimination Chamber fought on Sunday.


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