Kristen Bell Slammed for New Children’s Book That Encourages Colorblind Racism

Kristen Bell has been slammed on social media for writing a children’s book that promotes being colorblind

People have slammed the actress for promoting colour blindness with her book instead of recognizing real people of different races and ethnicities.

The book, The World Needs More Purple People, focuses on a “purple person” who “looks for similarities before differences.”

In a video posted by the Associated Press, the actress said, “The world loves debate, I do, and debate talks about differences. It’s layering difference upon difference upon difference, ‘I think this’, ‘no, you should think this’, it’s just constantly pointing out divisive narratives.”

She continued, “Our kids are absorbing all of that and maybe we needed a bit of a road map to show them that it’s actually great to start with similarities first.”

“Hopefully that will allow kids to have a little bit more of a social identity and be able to see similarities and through that have their mind opened by some people who they thought were different.”

While Bell intended the book to be a a call for unity, many haven’t been able to connect with her efforts as some wonder why she chose to make up a race of people rather than write about actual people and their experiences.

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