Lady finally killed by boyfriend she previously forgave for biting off her nose!

A Russian young man identified as 20-year-old Oleg Myshadaev has bagged a prison sentence for killing his girlfriend who previously forgave him for biting off more than half of her nose.

Oleg Myshdaev
Oleg Myshdaev

The lady identified as Alexandra Shaposhnikova had in a separate incident in November 2017, before her death, pleaded with the courts to spare Myshadaev of a prison sentence, a request the court granted.

Alexandra Shaposhnikova
Alexandra Shaposhnikova

However, in a recent incident, the unrepentant Oleg Myshdaev finally killed Alexandra Shaposhnikova and lived with her corpse for two days before calling the cops.

According to police reports, Shaposhnikova corpse was found after two days with hammer and knife wounds, and her back ‘pierced’ with a billiard cue.

The police also revealed that Oleg Myshadaev told Alexandra Shaposhnikova’s female friend, who slept over at their house that she had left early after they had an argument.

Prior to her death, Alexandra Shaposhnikova had undergone a complex plastic surgery to fix about 3/4 of her nose that Oleg bit off.


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