Lady Narrates Her Dad’s Reaction After Spending 24 Years Behind Bar

An excited lady took to Twitter to share her dad’s reaction upon his release after spending 24 years behind bars.

She narrated that he was surprised by the Bluetooth in her car, the many channels on TV and the fact that he could access the internet without having to go to a library. She explained that it’s like “watching the world through a child’s eyes” and she’s excited to have him back.

Read Her Full Post Below:

“My dad was released after…24 years (had to count) at 12:01 am this morning. We had a long ride home. He was tripped out by the Bluetooth in my car and how apps work. He stayed up all night watching tv because he couldn’t believe there were that many channels lol.

It’s like watching the world through a child’s eyes in a way lol. So much has changed and while I’m excited there’s little painful reminders of the times we lost. He’d never seen me drive and was like coaching me lol. Because he didn’t get to when I was a kid.

24 years behind bar

“He is hellbent on going to the library to use the computer today. My face starring at the Mac on the table ?. Explaining to him that we had internet and he didn’t have to go anywhere was hilarious.

“So I’ll likely have some interesting stories as he adjusts to the world. And as we try to find our whole dynamic as a family. My baby brother hadn’t seen my dad since he was 2 and I could hear them laughing and talking from my room and I was like “ok. We can do this”

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