Lady Shares Excitement On Getting A Job Five Years and 4000 Applications Later

Nigerian lady identified as @HerRoyalEminent on Twitter shares her excitement after getting her dream job 5 years and 4,000 job applications later.

She said she was dejected after several rejections but her dream to become independent encouraged her to keep trying. She also advised people not to give up on their dreams.

Read Her Tweets Below:

“Yeessss!!!!!! I got the job!!!!?

“After 5 years of being jobless, 

“Over 4,000 job applications 


“I’m super excited and look forward to achieving great things.

“For u still job seeking, please don’t give up, there is hope

“It wasn’t easy at all..

“Rejections upon rejections
“I got discouraged and grew tired of applying.

“But again, I was also tired of being dependent, so I had to encourage myself and I kept trying

“I knew i needed just one yes, only one!! And i was good to go

“I’m actually in tears right now

“Don’t even know if it’s tears of joy or tears of relief that finally I’ll be able to take care of my bills

“I won’t have to depend on anyone ever again.

“I don’t know how long you’ve been trying to get that “one yes”

“But I know this; it won’t be too long (not as long as mine)

“Don’t give up, your dreams will come through

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