Lady shares nasty chats a lady had with her boyfriend | Twitter react

A Nigerian lady identified simply as Crispy Beatrice on twitter has taken to the twitter platform to share nasty chats a lady had with her boyfriend.

Crispy Beatrice shared the screen shots of the chats to warn the supposed boyfriend snatcher who she said her name is Mercy to stay away from her boyfriend.

However, the plan back fired as most twitter users came hard for her. They said she ought to hold her cheating boyfriend responsible and not Mercy.

See screen shots of the chats below:

From the chats, it was also obvious that the said Mercy is having an affair with Crispy Beatrice’s boyfriend and his brother.

However, even though Crispy Beatrice’s boyfriend is aware of the affair triangle, he continued with his amorous affair.

Crispy Beatrice said:

You fucked both bro and their friend and you think he wants you, no you stupid dearie, fuck you fuck those who raised you, leave my man alone

…end of story!



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