Lady Slams Those Who Always Try To Correct Her “Igbotic” Accent

A Nigerian lady identified as Queen_minic has blasted those who complain or try to correct her accent because it’s “igbotic.”

The Igbo lady questioned how else she’s supposed to sound if not Igbo. She also insulted those who attempt to sound like Americans or British because they hate to identity with their heritage or accent.

She wrote on Twitter;

I’ve met stupid people but the ones who try to “correct “ my accent are a special kind of stupid . 

Imagine someone telling me i sound igbotic?..How else am i suppose to sound? You dumb fuck. I am Igbo and my accent is exactly how it should be; perfect !

“The worst part is that some people who tell you this are also Igbo. Lost confused iguanas. People who fake accents disgust me. I could literally throw up listening to your lousy attempt to sound non-Nigerian because that tongue roll and high pitched, half done pronunciation of words is not American or British, you don’t even sound Australian. You sound stupid as fuck!!! Onye apali!! Your accent is your heritage.”

She continued;

It’s who you are. When you speak to a Briton, American, Latina, you identify them grim their accent . Reasonable people learn to speak in different accents to blend into different zones and conversations but not because they detest their accent.”

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