Lady stripped unclad and paraded for insulting Delta politician

A yet to be identified Delta State politician and high chief ordered that a lady who he said insulted him be stripped and paraded before the public.

Reports reaching us alleged that the said politician and high chief is from Owanta area of Delta State and that he ordered his thugs to harass the young lady for insulting him.

Following his order, the thugs laid hold of the young lady, stripped her unclad and paraded her before the public eye.

We gathered also that the young lady who is from Ika Local Government Area of the State was beaten and the video released online.

The general public and netizens didn’t find this humiliation of a young lady in good taste, so they urged the Delta State Police command to take proper measures by ordering an investigation into the matter and to arrest everyone involved.

Meanwhile, some also took to social media to totally condemn the increasing trend of stripping people especially women unclad over some unconfirmed accusations.

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