Lady Who Scammed A Man Of Over N950k Lands In Police Station

An “I Just Got Back” -a terminology used for people who have just returned to Nigeria from abroad- was scammed by a lady of N950,000.

His sister identified as @msvanilla7 took to Instagram to narrate how her brother who just returned from the U.S was scammed by a ‘nice‘ lady he just met.

She stated that after her brother met the girl, she started demanding money: a 100k which he paid and then a 95k for hair. However, he made a mistake while transferring the money, he sent her N950,000 instead of N95,000. When the man called her attention to this, she said that she thought it was ‘a gift‘. Later on, she blocked him everywhere and archived her pictures on IG.

Lady scams IJGB

Meanwhile, the sister spotted her at a beach after the incident. She confronted her and the lady argued that she felt the N950k was for her rendered services.

Lady scams IJGB

The sister also revealed that they have involved the police and she’s currently in their custody.

Lady scams IJGB

Lady scams IJGB

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