‘Lamestream Media is Truly Out of Control’, Says Trump As He Walks Out of Press Conference

The US President, Donald Trump has said that the media is out of control, alleging that they have conspired together to work against him.

Trump had walked out on journalists at a press conference on Monday after a contentious exchange between him and an Asian-American journalist, Weijia Jiang, he told to “ask China” about her question and then refused to take a query from another White House reporter.

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Replying to the video of the situation on his Twitter handle, Trump wrote: “The Lamestream Media is truly out of control. Look how they work (conspire!) together. They are the Enemy of the People but don’t worry, we will WIN in November!”.


After the exchange, Trump also refused to take a query from another White House reporter before leaving the podium.

“Maybe that’s a question you should ask China. Don’t ask me. Ask China that question, OK?”Trump told Jiang.

The journalist was born in China and immigrated to the United States when she was two years old.

While he attempted to move on by calling on Kaitlan Collins, a White House correspondent for CNN, Jiang interjected with a follow-up question because she was surprised by the comment.

“Sir, why are you saying that to me specifically?,” she asked

Replying, Trump said I’m telling you. “I’m not saying it specifically to anybody. I’m saying it to anybody that asks a nasty question.”

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“That’s not a nasty question,” Jiang said. “Why does it matter?”

After letting Jian ask her to follow up question, Collins approached the microphone, but was not allowed t ask her questions.
“I have two questions,” Collins said.
“No, it’s OK,” Trump replied.
“But you pointed to me. I have two questions, Mr. President. You called on me,” Collins said.
“I did,” Trump said. “And you didn’t respond, and now I’m calling on the young lady in the back.”
“I just wanted to let my colleague finish. But can I ask you a question?”

Dissatisfied, Trump ended the press conference, saying “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much,” and left the Rose Garden.

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