Lebanon Arrests Suspect For Putting Nigerian Worker Up ‘For Sale’

Lebanese security forces have arrested a man suspected of putting a Nigerian domestic worker up “for sale” on a popular Facebook page used to trade items in Lebanon.

The suspect posted with a Facebook account with the name, Wael Jerro and wrote in a page named Buy and Sell In Lebanon that a “domestic worker from Nigeria with legal paper is for sale. She’s 30years old, she’s very active and clean. Price:$1000.”

Lebanon Arrests Suspect For Putting Nigerian Worker Up 'For Sale'

The arrest came after Justice Minister Marie-Claude Najem on Wednesday ordered the judiciary to follow up on the case, citing Lebanon’s anti-human trafficking law.

Lebanon’s Ministry of Labour has also released a statement saying anyone who advertises domestic workers online would be prosecuted.

The case has sparked fury in Nigeria, and officials have requested that the Lebanese authorities investigate the incident.

The government is very angry,” said Julie Okah-Donli, director-general of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP). “The Lebanese government should prosecute him and rescue other girls that have been sold or about to be sold into slavery.”

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