Lekki Wives: A Nigerian TV series

Lekki Wives gives a detailed description of the word promiscuous. No doubt, Lekki is an high-brow area that’s become the nest for the super-elite in Lagos. But the high standard of living in that axis has made a lot of people become different; all in the name of living big. Some individual goes to the extent of borrowing in other to meet up with the status quo of the vicinity.

The Storyline of Lekki Wives

One of the main protagonists, Cleopatra played by Chinonso  Young is forced into marrying an older man. Well, her marriage to Otunba is orchestrated by her family as they see his wealth as the only means for survival. Not minding the title of a Mrs., Cleopatra is seen engaging in extramarital affairs; as her marriage is bereft of love and affection.

The Cast of Lekki Wives

The leading actors in this hit series include Adaora Ukoh, Katherine Obiang, Chinonso Young, Kiki Omeli and Keira Hewatch.

Where to Watch Lekki Wives

Visit ebonylifetv.com to have unlimited access to this amazing series.

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