“Let Her Go And Die In My House” – Nigerian Dad Threatens To Take His Daughter Out Of An Isolation Center Over Poor Treatment (Video)

A video of a Nigerian dad complaining over the poor condition of a COVID-19 isolation center his daughter is being subjected to has surfaced online.

The man, Mr Olanutu while speaking to some reporters said that his daughter has been left unattended to by medical staff since she got there.

He also said that she hasn’t been fed and would rather take her home than leave her in the poor condition of the isolation center.

He said;

Let the Minister come and see what is happening. If I am telling lies, my name is Mr Olanutu.

What the hell are they doing here? She hasn’t seen a doctor since morning, she hasn’t seen a nurse, she hasn’t been fed and you are telling me that I should not take her out.

”Let her go and die in my house, simple. I don’t care anymore. For the fact that you have Coronavirus does not mean you should be left around.”

Meanwhile, it isn’t clear from the video the isolation center his daughter is currently in.

See Video Below:

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